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USxUK Social Network

archive and communications for usxuk roleplayers

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Hello everyone! This is a community for USxUK roleplayers seeking either an America or an England - there are several tiers of formality, based on what you feel you fit into. All posts made by members on the USxUK Social Network should be categorised by I, II, III, or IV.

I) An archive of USxUK Social Network members. The thread will be posted by a moderator with the format for comments. Each comment will be a profile of a member - other members may comment on the individual profiles for someone to elaborate.

II) A formal request, posted by a member, for a specific long-term roleplay. Example: II - Dark Vampire AU (and then describe in detail what you're looking for in the post). These should be sophisticated, multi-paragraph or voice roleplays that are expected to last several weeks. If you just want a quick, chat roleplay or any America or England for nothing specific, please find someone via the archives or III.

III) A location or theme. Example: III - World Meeting in New York or III - Beach. These are similar to aphdressingroom threads, in that whoever would like can comment in the thread and start a small little story. They must be USUK inclined and the original poster can only post a location or theme, then commenting with their own character. These are open for everyone in the community and a casual way to meet other roleplayers. Any time period, historical, future, AU, etc.

IV) A criticism or suggestion thread started by a moderator. Example: IV - Layout or IV - Moderators. Members will then discuss and come up for solutions for the community and staff to benefit the USxUK Social Network. Members with questions or nonrelated critique should send a message to a moderator.

Any posts made must be in this format:


Members may post II and III topics.